Who we are

ComitesRisk Solutions is the first internationally accredited risk- and security management company from Switzerland. We are the trendsetter through our specialized services on the base of a Swiss-for-Swiss service delivery approach. Our key competences benefit mainly Swiss organizations operating within politically unstable and complex regions of the world.
Through our past performances and the impeccable track record of our deployed experts, we today enjoy the trust of high-profile clients with subsidiaries in Africa and in the Middle East.
Quality, integrity and sustainability of provided solutions are the benchmarks to which we measure the effectiveness of our customized services.
ComitesRisk Solutions’ mission statement “Our mission: Your safety“ thereby stands for the essence of all our efforts while serving clients.

Our expert risk managers and operational security personnel possess proven backgrounds, consisting of veterans from law enforcement and military special forces as well as of analysts with long-years experience in international affairs.
The remote medicine department, in cooperation with the Medical Family Office SA, is served by active specialist doctors, which have all performed medical treatments in clinical as well as in expeditionary environments. These medical experts possess in-depth knowledge and decades of hands-on experience in emergency- and tele-medicine.

With the profound experience of our multidisciplinary experts, we are ready, willing and able to go the extra mile for our clients, to protect their lives and to secure their assets.