Investigative Consulting

The fast-pace of global change increases the demand to have access to valuable information in real-time. Neglecting the importance of information gathering often creates a disadvantage to companies in a specific market or to individuals while leading critical negotiations or addressing a personal crisis. These scenarios demand the deployment of quick and effective responses that are based on informed decisions.

To have access to valuable intelligence, which promotes the deployment of proactive strategies, is probably the most relevant source for any critical decision in a corporate or private environment. In consequence the quality of valid information at the right time, shifts the odds into the favour of the informed.

ComitesRisk Solutions helps to create options. By providing a fact-based and solid foundation for any effective decision-making process and thus supporting the conscious awareness of the actual situation, we assist our clients in mitigating risks, anticipating crisis incidents and help to prevent poor negotiation positions.

ComitesRisk Solutions provides its clients a wide range of investigative consultancy including:

  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Anti-Bribery and -Extorsion Strategies based on previous in-country investigations
  • Legal Investigations to achieve litigation support

As a part of a global network, ComitesRisk Solutions is certain to deliver professional and verifiable results in successfully solving complex scenarios and supporting clients in critical  or even perilous situations.

With our 24/7 available crisis response team, we assist clients to control imminent incidents and to regain the initiative.

For further information about our Investigative Consultancy service, please contact us.