Risk- and Security Management

ComitesRisk Solutions assists organizations to manage risks, which belongs to one of the essential elements of the senior management in today`s international business environment. The loss of physical assets, human lives, confidential information or severe damages to the enterprise's infrastructure and reputation can have a severe impact on the organization's ability to function seamlessly, let alone succeed. An adequate risk management framework is thus necessary in order to enhance an effective and efficient delivery of response to various crisis scenarios. Clearly defined risk mitigation strategies and policies, which are embedded in the organizational structure, help to safeguard companies at a strategic, operational and personnel level.

In order to reduce the potential impact of operational risks, which relate amongst others to the production functionality and thus concern people, operating systems and internal processes, we provide clients with solutions like:

  • Risk Assessment Reports to identify, analyze and evaluate current and potential risks
  • Integrated Security Concepts to protect human lives and secure company assets
  • Operational Contingency Plans to sustain business continuity
  • Health and Safety Plans to prevent work accidents
  • Audit and Project Management for physical safety and security installations

Strategic risks mostly originate from uninformed management decisions. These decisions usually correlate with a specific market, technology, competitors and generally the enterprise's core business aims. Missing to address these risks may retard economical growth and can also cause irreversible damages to the organization's reputation. In order to support our clients in dealing with strategic risks, ComitesRisk Solutions provides services like:

  • In-country Intelligence Gathering and -Analysis for critical management decisions
  • Business Feasibility Studies related to market entry barriers, competitors and local interest groups
  • Compliance- and Human Rights Risks Assessments
  • Extortion Prevention Strategies and Anti-Bribery Policies against internal and external threats
  • Vetting of application candidates

Our risk- and security management experts, each with an individual speciality, deliver best practice solutions to manage risks and increase the repertoire of applicable options to the senior management. In doing so, we knowingly facilitate enterprises to meet insurance obligations and compliance to international industry standards.

ComitesRisk Solutions is further capable to provide operational security personnel in any environment on short notice.

For more information about our Risk Management Consulting service, please contact us.