Comites Solutions is dedicated to uphold uncompromised integrity in all its operations and adhere to the highest ethical standards. We are driven by a vision to make Comites Solutions one of the most trusted global security companies by delivering services with high levels of confidentiality and efficiency. Comites Solutions does not accept any act or practice that compromises its values.

Comites Solutions promises to:

  • Uphold the highest standard of business ethics in all its operations
  • Deliver the highest standard of service to the clients and maintain client confidentiality
  • Adhere to the laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates
  • Do business with recognized legal entities and be compliant with relevant national and international law
  • Adhere to international and local human rights laws and applicable provisions of international humanitarian law
  • Honour the values, culture and religions of host states
  • Not tolerate discrimination or harassment of people for any reason
  • Not permit its staff to undertake activities which might compromise the security and stability of host nations or adversely impact the environment


Comites Solutions treats its appointments, projects and responsibilities with utmost sincerity and promotes an open, transparent and honest environment in all its dealings.

1.1 Business Integrity

Our core values are based on high standards of business integrity. We do not pay bribes, engage in acts of corruption or receive kickbacks either directly or indirectly. Comites Solutions promotes fair practice and upholds its commitment to high standards of integrity.

1.2 Conflicts of Interest

The Comites Solutions staff should avoid transactions in which their personal interests could conflict or might be seen to be in conflict of those of the company. This may include: making use of any client information acquired during the course of their employment with Comites Solutions for personal benefit; transferring such information to a third party; or engaging into an act that could be considered as insider trading.

1.3 Confidentiality

Comites Solutions promises not to reveal the identity of any Crisis Response client or any other client without their approval. Even if a client reveals the company’s involvement, we will neither confirm nor deny our involvement. Any breach, or suspected loss, shall be brought to the notice of the Group Risk Manager and the Chief Information Officer immediately.

1.4 Political Activities

Comites Solutions follows a policy of strict political neutrality. Donations to any political parties, organisations, or individuals engaged in politics are not acceptable. Comites Solutions employees are entitled to their own political views and activities, but they may not use company premises or equipment to promote those views nor associate their views with those of the company.

1.5 Business Relationships

Comites Solutions expects its suppliers, sub-contractors, representatives and joint venture partners to adhere to integrity principles that constitute our core values.

1.6 Guidance

The Comites Solutions staff must abide by this code in all circumstances. For any doubt about the application of this code, employees should seek guidance from their line manager. The management will provide backing to company staff who find themselves in difficult situations, or who fail to win business, as a result of abiding by the code.

Comites Solutions considers the breach of code very seriously. Employees who fail to abide by the code may face disciplinary action including dismissal.

1.7 Gifts, Gratuities and Kickbacks

Any individual working for or on behalf of Comites Solutions is strictly prohibited from accepting or offering kickbacks, cash gifts or gratuities from any supplier, customer, competitor or business partner, directly or indirectly. A kickback can be in the form of cash, fee, commission, gift, or anything of value.


2. Recruitment Process:

At Comites Solutions, we discourage discrimination and offer equal employment opportunities. We promote workplace diversity and make employment decisions irrespective of race, colour, gender, marital status, ethnicity, religion, age, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, ancestry, genetic information, disability, or any status protected by federal, state, local or host country law. This applies to all HR aspects including recruiting, hiring, promotions, transfers, terminations, compensation, administering benefits, disciplinary actions, training, performance assessments, and all other employment terms and conditions.

Background checks should be conducted to ensure that employees have not:

  • been convicted of a crime that indicates that they lack the character and fitness required to deliver security services;
  • been disgracefully discharged;
    C. had other employment contracts terminated for documented breach of one or more of the principles referred to in the Code of Ethics
  • had a history of other conduct that questions their appropriateness to carry a weapon.


Disqualifying crimes may include, but are not limited to, battery, murder, arson, fraud, rape, sexual abuse, organized crime, bribery, corruption, perjury, torture, kidnapping, drug trafficking or trafficking in persons.


3. Grievance Procedures

Following are the ways in which complainants may believe they have been adversely affected by the actions of Comites Solutions and its management or staff:

  • Death or injury of a family member
  • Personal injury
  • Excessive use of force
  • Violation of human rights, including those relating to gender, ethnicity and labour
  • Material or financial loss
  • Breach of contract for a third party
  • Loss of reputation
  • Damages caused to environment


3.1 Definition of Third Party

Third parties: Separate contract conditions, policies and processes shall apply for the third party.

3.2 Policy

3.2.1 Comites Solution will handle complaints from third parties in an effective and appropriate way, and will register such complaints with the appropriate external authorities as and when necessary.

3.2.2 Third parties may file complaints with Comites Solution management and staff at any level. Contact details can be found on:

3.2.3 Complainants should present their complaint in a written form, providing complete information about circumstances and Comites Solutions’ alleged involvement.

3.2.4 If complainants believe that complaints have not been handled appropriately, and prefer to seek redress through an independent body, they are advised to seek support from a relevant external body.

3.3 Initiation, conduct and reporting of investigations into third party complaints:

3.3.1 An Office or Department head, or a Regional Director, can initiate an investigation into third party complaints. The concerned body will inform its line manager and submit a report describing the findings.

3.3.2 Where an investigation reveals that a crime or serious disciplinary offence may have been committed, the Regional Director will refer the matter immediately to the operations department.

3.3.3 The investigation’s findings would be communicated to the complainant in written form, upon conclusion of the investigation.  

3.4 All Comites Solutions Employees must:

  • Guide complainants about the process and assist them in complaint submission
  • Ensure that complaints are escalated through the company’s line management system to an appropriate level
  • Refer to their line manager when they are in doubt and ensure that investigations are fully supported


3.5 Responsibilities of Heads of Office and Departments:

  • Create awareness about the policy internally as well as externally.
  •  Conduct training and implement processes to ensure policy compliance
  • Ensure that complaints are investigated completely in line with the policy, and that appropriate disciplinary action is implemented when required.
  • Guide complainants about the outcome of investigations and disciplinary action in written form, and ensure that appropriate reimbursement is made.
  • Ensure that action is taken to report complaints to the appropriate external authorities.
  • Ensure that Comites Solutions provides full support to external investigating authorities.


3.6 Legal Counsel:

Where a criminal act may have taken place, the Legal Counsel will take the matter to the appropriate authorities and facilitate the investigation.


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